Supporting vaccine uptake in our communities

On this page you will find resources in multiple languages to share with your communities to encourage people to have their Covid-19 vaccination.

Leaflets for promoting vaccination clinics, with myth busting facts, in multiple languages

  1. The British Islamic Medical Council has a Covid-19 vaccine myth busting hub on its website which shares information in multiple languages and advice about fasting when having a vaccine.
  2. The BBC has created a number of videos explaining the Covid-19 vaccines in five South Asian languages.

Videos from local doctors, clinicians and community leaders in multiple languages

You are welcome to use and share these videos. 

To share the videos, click on the play icon, expand them to full screen (icon bottom left) and in the top right is a paper plane 'share' icon.

Dr Parag Pandya, GP (English)

Dr Zarka Batool, GP (Kashmiri)

Sabita Pokhrel, nurse at Medway NHS Foundation Trust (Nepali)

Dr Tarannum Rampal, Consultant Anaesthetist (Hindi)

Dr Bana Haddad, GP (Persian)

Dr Satvinder Lall, GP (Punjabi)

Iva Kosoko, Ambassador, Medway Ethnic Minorities Forum (Bulgarian)

Dr Shaizir Aly, GP, stresses Ramadan should not stop anyone from getting the Covid-19 vaccination (English)

Tackling Vaccine Disinformation (Nepali)

Rita Vieraitiene, Medway resident.            (Lithuanian)

Kingsway International Christian Centre's Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic:  interviews with those who had their jabs (English)

Tackling Vaccine Disinformation (Romanian)

Dr Ash Rehal, Educational Consultant and Psychologist  (Punjabi)

Tackling false information about the Covid-19 Vaccine, provided by the NHS                          (Albanian)

Book your vaccine now (Hungarian)

Book your vaccine now (Kurdish)

Book your vaccine now (Polish)

Gypsies, Roma, Travellers and Showmen get their  Covid-19 vaccine. (English)

Book your vaccine now (Urdu)

Book your vaccine now (Ghanian, Twi)

Book your vaccine now (Slovakian)

Book your vaccine now (Mandarin)

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