East Kent inhaler recycling

People who use inhalers can now return and recycle them at a pharmacy in east Kent.

A 12-month inhaler recycling pilot for the east Kent area, called Re-Hale, will enable anyone who uses an inhaler to return and recycle them at participating sites.

Find your nearest participating site in the map, below.

This work is part of a collaborative project in conjunction with NHS Kent and Medway  and Chiesi Limited.

For more details, please see the project executive summary which can found on the Chiesi website: www.chiesi.uk.com/collaboration.

Frequently asked questions about the project are below but if you have any further queries, please email: kmicb.rehale@nhs.net

It will allow patients to drop off their used and no longer required inhalers at participating sites, including local pharmacies, GP practices with dispensing pharmacies, and the three main hospitals. 

With a focus on minimal environmental impact, Alliance Healthcare, which is a service provider within this project, will pick up the inhalers at the same time as a delivery of medicine. The scheme has been designed for minimal excess activities or transport involved in the entire recycling process – keeping the carbon footprint of Re-Hale to a minimum.

Yes, they can, there are three main types of inhaler:

  • MDI – Metered Dose Inhalers
  • DPI – Dry Powdered Inhalers
  • SMI – Soft Mist Inhalers

All types of inhaler can be dropped off at participating sites.

The majority of inhalers prescribed in Kent and Medway are metered dose inhalers and are all recycled.


Plastic. The polypropylene plastic is recycled into clothing, food containers and compost bins to name a few items.

Metal. Metal components, such as inhaler canasters, are compressed into a brick and then sent to a smelter where they are separated into different metals and used in a variety of applications.

Gas. The hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) gas found in MDI inhalers is reclaimed and used in the refrigeration industry

Pharmaceutical product. Any remaining pharmaceutical product is captured using extremely fine filters and then incinerated at high temperature to ensure safe disposal.

You can look at our map on this page, search the map, or view as a list. 

Chiesi document reference number: UK-CHI-2400197 March 2024

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