West Kent

What is the West Kent Health and Care Partnership (HCP)?

West Kent HCP brings together health and care providers – including hospitals, community care, mental health care, GPs and social care – to plan and deliver services to the people of west Kent and to support them to live healthy lives.

The HCP covers a population of about 464,000 people. It has some of the most and least (top and bottom 10 per cent) socially deprived areas in England.

It is developing ways of working and strategies for how the health and care partners in the area can best work together to support people living in west Kent.

When this work is completed, the HCP will be responsible for many of the duties previously delivered by West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Until this time, NHS Kent and Medway will be responsible for continuing the work of the former West Kent CCG.

Our vision 

The West Kent Health and Care Partnership vision statement.

The West Kent Health and Care Partnership is working together, to improve the health and well-being of the residents of West Kent.

We are working together with residents to:

  • make health and care services more accessible and joined up
  • improve health and well-being of residents and reducing inequalities 
  • make sure we get best value from the resources invested in west Kent health and care  
  • support broader social and economic development.

Our priorities

The West Kent Health and Care Partnership current portfolio includes health and social care transformation priorities and enabler workstreams, including:

Transformation priorities:

  • adult and children’s mental health
  • frailty and adult complex care
  • primary care development 
  • Maidstone inequalities initiative
  • respiratory virtual ward
  • Gynae General Practitioner with Extended Role (GPwER).

The West Kent Health and Care Partnership also has working groups facilitating work on a number of key enablers including:

  • workforce
  • population health
  • estates
  • digital and data
  • finance and contracting
  • engagement and communications.

Our engagement

The West Kent HCP has a Stakeholder Engagement Advisory Group (SEAG) that advises the Health and Care Partnership Board.

The SEAG's membership includes key organisations concerned with local health and care, who come together to discuss the development of the HCP and to share activities.

Members include Healthwatch Kent, representatives from the community and voluntary sector as well as local authorities and the NHS.

The group has conducted stakeholder mapping and created a shared repository for engagement and local experience.

SEAG is actively seeking to identify opportunities for collaborative engagement with the public to promote better local health and wellbeing.

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