ReSPECT - Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment

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What is ReSPECT?

ReSPECT stands for Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment.

The ReSPECT process creates a personalised recommendation for your clinical care in emergency situations, where you are not able to make decisions or express your wishes.

A ReSPECT plan is created through conversations between yourself and one or more of the health professionals who are involved with your care. The recommendations should respect both patient preferences and clinical judgement.

ReSPECT is used across a range of health and care settings, including your own home, an ambulance, a care home, a hospice, or a hospital.

The ReSPECT process will be adopted across Kent and Medway.

Who is it for?

ReSPECT can be for anyone who wants to record their care and treatment preferences but will be particularly relevant for those who have complex health needs, are likely to be nearing the end of life, or at risk of sudden deterioration or cardiac arrest.

How does ReSPECT work?

The ReSPECT process involves you having a conversation with your healthcare professionals.

Together you’ll produce recommendations about the types of care and treatment you would or would not want to be considered in an emergency, and which would not work or be of overall benefit to you.

You may also wish to include your family and/or carer(s) in these discussions.

The agreed plan is recorded on a ReSPECT form, which is available digitally on the Kent and Medway Care Record (KMCR). If your condition changes, or you change your mind, you can speak to your clinician again, who will update your plan.

A printed copy should stay with you and be available immediately to any healthcare professionals called to help you in an emergency, whether you are at home or being cared for elsewhere.

Professionals such as ambulance clinicians, out-of-hours doctors, care home staff and hospital staff will be better able to make quick decisions about how best to help you in an emergency if they can refer to your ReSPECT form.

For more information about ReSPECT please see the Resuscitation Council’s website: 

Watch below: Joe’s ReSPECT journey, produced by Resus Council UK

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