South England Healthcare Science Network and Lunchtime Talks Programme

19 February 2024

The South England Healthcare Science Network is an online NHS platform, packed with free resources, information and opportunities to collaborate. If you are interested in a career in Healthcare Science, or you are working or studying in a healthcare science related field, why not join our 675 members to benefit from the following:

  • Routes into Healthcare Science professions.
  • Training and education pathways.
  • 200+ Continuing professional development materials.
  • Links to free resources, including webinar programmes, the lunchtime talks series and education and training courses.
  • Networking with people in the NHS, academic and government sectors.
  • Free science teaching resources for education establishments.

and much more.....

For free membership:

The Network’s Lunchtime Talks programme is the foundation of our commitment to professional development and knowledge sharing across South England. This programme offers a unique platform for anyone interested in healthcare science to explore latest advancements, share best practices and innovative research within the healthcare science field.

Join us during your lunch break for interactive sessions featuring insightful discussions, expert presentations, career pathway insights from professionals, and opportunities to connect with peers across the country.

These talks are open to all network members, including NHS professionals, college, and university students across South England. We encourage you to invite colleagues who might be interested in these topics as well. Each session concludes with a questions and answers via MS Teams, fostering interactive discussions.

Recent lunchtime talks:

  • Optical Coherence Tomography in Biomedicine.
  • From North to South and Everywhere In Between!
  • How do Linacs work and help with the treatment of cancer.
  • My journey as a healthcare scientist within the NHS.
  • Exploring a career within biomedical science.
  • Predicting the allocation of medical equipment required in wards using machine learning prediction techniques.
  • Developing a career in BI and analytics.
  • A career in medical physics and some real-world experiences with radiation incidents.

Please join our South England Healthcare Science Network for upcoming sessions as we continue to explore innovative topics within healthcare science and encourage our future workforce.

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